Gainesville Veneers and Implants

Partial Dentures


Usually these are attached to a pink or gum colored base, connected to the base is a metal framework which holds the denture in place. It is removable and has the replacement teeth attached to the base. Partial dentures can be attached to one or more existing natural teeth. They can be permanent and will be cemented into the mouth so they do not move.


Making Dentures Process

1) Make impressions of the jaw and take measurement of the space between jaws bones looking at how the interact with one another.

2) Create models from wax or plastic in shape and position of denture.

3) You will try the mold several times over the process to get fit, color and shape correct.

4) Casting of final denture.

5) Adjustments that need to be made in order to fit properly.

Your dentist will instruct you as to how long you should wear your dentures and will also give you information about what would be the best adhesives and what procedures you should take concerning eating and everyday activities.